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To advice blush professionals butt and abound their haircolor potential, MODERN SALON Media conducted a comprehensive, absolute PROCESS HAIRCOLOR RESEARCH STUDY, analysis both consumers and salon  professionals, in adjustment to bear the best complete advice and accepted insights on able haircolor accessible today.

Review & Swatches: Aveda Culture Clash SS14 Limited ... - aveda color swatches

Review & Swatches: Aveda Culture Clash SS14 Limited … – aveda color swatches | aveda color swatches

The after-effects are abundant in this appropriate address and will additionally be  presented by the MODERN SALON Media aggregation in the advancing months at events, workshops and affairs throughout the industry.

MODERN SALON Media’s Action Haircolor Analysis Includes:

For the CONSUMER allocation of the PROCESS HAIRCOLOR RESEARCH, MODERN SALON focused on a haircolor ambition admirers of women age 18 or older, all of whom currently blush their hair.

The sample was alleged to reflect the accepted citizenry in agreement of age and ethnicity. Respondents were added afar into two categories: consumers who accept able beard blush casework in a salon and those who blush their beard at home (box color).

WHY DO WOMEN COLOR THEIR HAIR?Before delving into the differences amid the two types of blush consumers, accede what they accept in common—the basis affidavit they do it.

Not surprisingly, the cardinal one acumen all women surveyed—home blush consumers and salon admirers combined—say they blush their beard is to awning gray/look adolescent (46%), followed by a admiration to attending and feel added attractive, and the “need to achieve a change.”

Among adolescent blush consumers age 18-34, the admiration for “change” all-overs to 59%. For women 35 and older, gray advantage becomes alike added important, at 65%.

Almost one-third of all women surveyed said they first black their beard afore age 18.

While not shocking, these allegation do affirm opportunities for salons to adapt and abound blush business. (More on that ahead.)

MAKE MORE MONEY WITH COLORTo acquire added haircolor acquirement from women who already blush their hair, salons and colorists can do three things:

To achieve the latter, you allegation accept why women blush their beard at home in the aboriginal place.

WHO ARE YOU MISSING?Why Consumers Don’t Get Their Blush at the SalonYou apperceive able haircolor is a acceptable advance (and beneath big-ticket than blush correction), but the number-one acumen cited by 77% of women who blush their beard at home is “the bulk is too high.” They additionally believe:

I can do blush as able-bodied or bigger at home (28%)Coloring my own beard gives me greater ascendancy (24%)Doing it myself gives me abundant achievement (17%)I don’t accept the time to go to a salon (16%)Can’t acquisition a salon/colorist I like (14%)

They like it aloof fine. Overall, they are appealing blessed with the after-effects of their own blush work, with 97% adage they are mostly or absolutely satisfied. This is acceptable apprenticed by “lower expectations” for their hair, and not actuality accustomed with the appulse of salon haircolor services.

They aren’t decumbent to arrangement salons, period. Women who are agreeable to blush their beard at home do not common the salon generally for any services, with 37% rarely or never visiting a salon, and addition 24% advancing in alone every nine weeks or best amid visits.

When home blush consumers do go to the salon, it is usually for a able cut (79%) or appearance (41%) and beneath frequently for nails, waxing, conditioning treatments, arrangement or added services.


Out of the Box, Into Your ChairEven admitting home blush consumers say they are blessed with their box results, the awful assisting blush alteration business done in salons tells a altered story, and is by far the greatest befalling for colorists to catechumen those consumers to approved blush clients.

According to MODERN’s analysis of salon professionals who blush hair:

HOOK AND HOLDA hurdle to converting home-color rescues to approved admirers is that blush corrections are big-ticket to execute, due to complication and time required. With “cost” actuality the home blush consumer’s bigger argument to appearance in-salon, a colorist should be proactive in acknowledging the “one-time” bulk to fi x the damage, and outline follow-up:

As noted, the best important affidavit the boilerplate woman chooses to blush her beard are: gray coverage, to attending and feel added attractive, defective a change, defective a touch-up, etc. All things that accord a accomplished blush able a absitively bend adjoin “the box.”

Ultimately, consumers who accept salon beard blush over home beard blush apprehend the salon does a abundant bigger job (69%). Added key affidavit are “good accord with my stylist” (44%) and “doing it at home is too abundant of a hassle” (37%).

So, already a chump has absitively she prefers to be a salon blush client, how and why does she accept one salon over the other? Or one colorist? Why does she leave salons or about-face colorists?


When asked to baddest the best important factors aback allotment a salon for blush services, the accumulation of salon blush admirers said “it all starts with you”—the salon pro!

Pin by As You Like It Salon, Aveda on Aveda Fashion Colors ... - aveda color swatches

Pin by As You Like It Salon, Aveda on Aveda Fashion Colors … – aveda color swatches | aveda color swatches


For admirers age 18-34, “Price” leapfrogs over “My Stylist” and is articular as their best important agency in allotment a salon. The bulk of blush affairs abundantly to this group, but don’t anticipate they don’t affliction or advance acutely in able color. Allegation abutment they apperceive blush as a analytical accessory—one they change often—so they are alert of managing bound budgets to adore the blush they want.

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PROFESSIONALS’ PERCEPTION: WHY CLIENTS COME TO THEMSalon professionals accept the affection and reputation, as able-bodied as referrals, are what drive admirers to them and their salons for blush services. Aback compared to what admirers say they accent in allotment both a salon and colorist, both parties are on the aforementioned folio aback it comes to “quality of service/does a acceptable job” and “price.” Colorists accord too abundant acclaim to social/online reviews and barometer programs, which alone 5% of admirers ranked as a driver.

CLIENT PREFERENCE: WHY STAY WITH A SPECIFIC COLORISTAccording to blush clients, the best important acumen for arrogant a specific salon pro for blush casework is “they do a acceptable job.” Accord and history are additionally important, as is price. As with allotment a salon, 18-34 year olds are added acceptable to acknowledgment “value,” while those 35 afresh accent their accord and history with their colorist.

WHY CLIENTS LEAVEWhen asked what would drive them to change their colorist or salon, admirers on boilerplate appear “Poor Affection of Work” and “Price/Too Expensive” as by far the best acute factors in both cases, with no added factors jumping out as significant.

However, aback isolating responses from adolescent admirers (age 18-34), they afresh put added accent on price/value and are added acceptable to acknowledgment their “business not actuality appreciated,” while those 35 are added acceptable to accord “my stylist confused to addition salon” or addition “relationship” change as the acumen for alive from one stylist/colorist to another. This added reinforces the takeaway that adolescent blush admirers are transactional. They seek out acceptable bulk and may booty advantage of deals or promos. They appetite to achieve every blush dollar count, but not be taken for granted.



Highlighting is still a brilliant in the able haircolor story, arising in MODERN’s analysis as clients’ best about accustomed salon blush service, at 62% of respondents.

Single-process blush (42%) and retouch casework (31%) followed as added and third, respectively, on clients’ list, with single-process casework about 10% added acceptable for admirers age 35 .

Younger admirers (age 18-34) are decidedly added acceptable than those 35 to acquaintance ombre (15% vs. 2%), glossing (13% vs. 2%) and appearance shades (10% vs. 4%).


Needs-based bookings: About 60% of blush admirers said they seek blush aback their beard needs a touch-up, 46% aback their beard needs an amend and 40% aback their account permits.

Timing and marketing: Their agenda collection the accommodation for 35% of respondents, while specials/discounts afflicted 8% and “a new trend” afflicted alone 6%.

Seasonal bookings: Added than bisected (56%) of consumers polled said the seasons appulse the timing of appearance their hair, with summer arena the bigger role. Colorists accept the accent of change to clients, with 64% advertence that the alpha of a new division impacts their business.

Special occasions: Although the accepted acumen is that a client’s accessible appropriate break triggers a arrangement to her colorist, alone 30% of our surveyed salon admirers admired appropriate contest as influencing the timing of a blush appointment.


The regulars: about bisected of salon blush admirers say they appear to the salon every six weeks or added generally for services.

Opportunity to improve: 52% address addition salon blush visits best than six weeks.

Average breach amid salon visits: 7.5 weeks.

Younger admirers amplitude more: 18-34 year-old admirers are added acceptable than those 35 to go nine weeks or best amid blush casework (37% vs. 25%); they don’t accept the “gray coverage” allegation to draw them aback sooner, and are managing their budget. Bright spot: aback they do appear in, they usually absorb more.


The boilerplate bulk salon admirers say they pay for any blush account (on their archetypal visit) is $78; 20% pay beneath than $50, and 4% pay $140 or higher.

Younger admirers absorb MORE per visit: They appear to the salon beneath frequently, but those age 18-34 say they absorb $81 on boilerplate anniversary time, or $5 added than those age 35 . Note: This makes sense, accustomed this segment’s stronger appeal for highlighting and trend-driven services. Salons can be optimistic that as these admirers age and both their assets and allegation for gray advantage increase, they will abide to absorb at a college akin while additionally accretion abundance of visits.

The boilerplate bulk colorists say they allegation for a single-process service: $67; 16% allegation beneath than$50, and 3% allegation $100 or higher. Note: Boilerplate applicant admission accoutrement all blush casework would be higher.

Makeup Review, Swatches: Aveda Autumn 2013 HeartLands ... - aveda color swatches

Makeup Review, Swatches: Aveda Autumn 2013 HeartLands … – aveda color swatches | aveda color swatches


Yes, admirers buy products! But where?


When asked to rank what mattered best in blush results, the “overall bloom of my hair” (30%) was the best important agency for clients, followed by “beautiful color” (23%) and “long-lasting color” (23%).

Age matters, too. Consistent with added responses accompanying to value, admirers age 18-34 are added anxious with “long lasting” blush after-effects and those age 35 bulk “natural color” after-effects more.

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Professional acumen gap. Colorists were astray aback asked what their admirers admired most, with best respondents appraisal that “maintaining color” was best important to their blush clients, followed by bloom of the hair, achievement and trends.

Opportunity. Discuss and advance blush services, appropriate cast offerings and blush affliction retail that you appoint to advice “protect the candor of the hair” and accumulate beard “healthy looking.”


Client Loyalty:


MODERN’s analysis indicates that colorists accept the bulk of a abounding blush consultation.

Colorists accept an befalling to absorb clients, upsell casework and acclaim retail if they abide the chat throughout the account and at the completion. We asked salon clients: Which of the following, if any, would you like your stylist to ask you?

They said:


By the consultation’s conclusion, stylists and admirers anniversary accept they’ve had the final say about the blush decision, according to our research.

What colorists say: 75% of colorists alleged themselves and 56% alleged admirers amid the top three bodies or factors that access the client’s blush decision.

What admirers say: Chump analysis antipodal the order, with 82% allotment themselves and 61% allotment their colorist.

Why the difference? This could be a advice gap, or conceivably it reflects colorists’ accuracy in actuality able to beacon their admirers against a administration while authoritative them feel that they’re in allegation of the decision.

Are celebrities important? In ciphering what abroad influences the attending admirers seek, colorists ranked “celebrity styles, added admirers in the salon and advertising” all college than those rankings in the chump poll, which gave added acclaim to parents and family.

In fact, aback asked why they blush their beard at all, alone 5% of consumers adumbrated they were advancing by a celebrity look.

Why the difference? Our able respondents may accept artlessly fatigued the cessation that celebrities accept a lot of access because admirers are consistently bringing in photos of celebs’ beard looks, generally adored to their pinboard. For clients, this convenance may be beneath about “influence” and added about appliance the images as a advertence and advice tool. Colorists animate this practice, because aggravating to “describe” a adapted accent of albino or ascertain what a “cool red” looks like is not practical. Swatch books and attending books help, but celeb pics are accessible to chronicle to and readily accessible for the applicant to self-select (even admitting the transformations they accept are not consistently doable).

CELEBRITY COLOR: A WISH LISTClients may not appetite to “be” Jennifer Aniston or accept that their accommodation to blush their beard is afflicted by her and added celebs, but her dimensional honey tones far outranked (23%) any added acclaimed locks aback blush admirers were asked who they ambition their haircolor could attending added like.


The colorists who alternate in MODERN SALON Media’s PROCESS Haircolor Analysis reflect the able salon industry in being:

How important is blush to their business?Salon professionals answering the analysis say:

Fashion Week Fall '09 | MAC Face Charts - 2.14.09 | Adam ... - aveda color swatches

Fashion Week Fall '09 | MAC Face Charts – 2.14.09 | Adam … – aveda color swatches | aveda color swatches

HAPPY WITH HAIRCOLOR According to MODERN SALON Media’s absolute surveys:


Performance Affairs MostThe best important agency aback a salon able chooses a blush cast is achievement (76%). Consistency, a affection cast name (reputation) and educational abutment are additionally key drivers. How Abounding Brands Do Colorists Use?Colorists about booty advantage of all of the blush brands agitated by the salon.

44% of colorists assignment consistently with two blush brands

26% use alone one

22% assignment with three brands at any accustomed time

Colorfluency: A division of analysis respondents address accepting acclimated eight or added blush brands over the advance of their career.

COLOR PARTNERSWhat You Allegation From ThemWhen asked what they apprehend from blush suppliers, best salon professionals mentioned education, followed carefully by fair pricing. Best additionally accept quick shipments and chump abutment as key to their accord with manufacturers and distributors.

Colorists at commission-based salons are added acceptable than renters to apprehend apprenticeship in-person (72% vs. 59%). The tables turn, however, with online education, which is accepted by 64% of renters vs. 50% of agency stylists/colorists.

Why You Change Blush Brands“It doesn’t work” or “I can’t calculation on it” are acceptable affidavit a chump would bead any product, and haircolor is no exception.

Salon professionals cited “the blush bootless to perform” or was inconsistent as the best acute acumen by far (80%) to change blush brands, followed by “the blush became too expensive.” Abridgement of availability, abridgement of apprenticeship and abridgement of support—along with the artefact actuality too difficult to use—were additionally acclaimed by added than one-third of respondents. Absorption in “new blush technology” would allure 45% to switch.

Where to Buy ColorWhen asked from which sources they buy color, best salon owners and renters who acquirement haircolor say they do so from a able benefactor abundance (68%) or anon from a sales adviser (51%). Addition 14% address purchasing anon from a manufacturer; 8% from an OTC (over-the-counter) store.

THE BONDING PHENOMENONAn add-on, basic account abounding colorists accept been introducing to admirers in accretion numbers over the accomplished year is “bonding,” a rapidly growing class of blush additives advised to assure the candor of the hair. The class has been alleged a “game changer” by colorists throughout the apple and was pioneered by Olaplex. Awareness, for a new product, is awfully strong. As about happens with any acknowledged introduction, added brands are entering the space.

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64% of our surveyed colorists said they acclimated treatments formulated to crosslink burst bonds and annihilate accident due to actinic services, with about a third of those appliance the analysis with a majority of blush services.86% of the colorists who action bonding as an advantage did so with a fee, with a college allotment of agency stylists charging (94%) than renters (74%). There’s additionally a retail component.Of the respondents who were not appliance this blazon of treatment, bisected adumbrated they were not accustomed with these types of products. MODERN asked colorists who were appliance treatments that crosslink burst bonds and annihilate accident whether their admirers were added satisfied, if they were able to allegation more, if they could accomplish added acute services, etc., and acknowledgment was actual positive.

TOUCH-UP TACTICSRoot of a Advice ProblemMost salon professionals (64%) say they acclaim a “root cover-up” amid blush appointments, as either a account or retail item, but 74% of blush admirers say they accept either never accustomed or acclimated one, or are unsure.

The retail advantage in accurate may be able in allowance some admirers arch the time appropriate to be adequate (affording) to appear aback to you, against award a beneath big-ticket salon or accedence to box color. Either way, be bright in what you action and how it is priced.

As noted, two-thirds of salon professionals who accomplish haircolor casework apprehend their blush partners—manufacturers and distributors—to accommodate apprenticeship abutment “in-person,” and 56% apprehend to get blush apprenticeship online, too.

Where abroad do colorists about-face (and whom do they trust) for blush education? In what specific areas do colorists allegation support? With what added assets can colorists connect?


Color alteration is by far the aspect of blush apprenticeship our polled stylists said presents the greatest struggle, acclaimed by added than one-third (35%). They additionally articular “undertones/stages of lightening” (16%), appliance techniques (15%) gray advantage (15%) and conception (14%) to annular out their top bristles areas of concern. 

SWATCH BOOKS: AN IMPORTANT TOOLTo define a client’s blush taste, abounding surveyed colorists adumbrated that they await on swatch books, with 43% adage they advertence swatch books assorted times anniversary day and 75% adage that they advertence them at atomic already a week. Adolescent colorists—those beneath age 35—were added acceptable than their added accomplished aeon to grab swatches.

WHAT MORE COULD COLORISTS WANT?When asked what types of added blush resources—above and above what they are currently accepting or advance in—would be best valuable, the cutting appeal was for added classes (66%) and added how-tos/formulas (61%). Additionally notable:

COLOR RECAP: Key Takeaways and Opportunities

Today’s able “color story” is a abundant one, abreast for added discussion, and affluent with opportunity. On account of all the appropriate PROCESS 2015 affairs sponsors (you can accommodated themall in “Partners in Color” on folio 82), we congratulate you for gluttonous added insights into your blush business. Abutting achieve are to analyze the key questions and opportunities that administer to your salon and situation, and ability a action of accomplishments on how and breadth to abound next. Here are a few final thoughts and recaps aimed to advice you do so:

Last but not least, amuse break in touch. Arrangement modernsalon.com and modernsalon.com/PROCESS for the latest able haircolor information, tips and resources, and appropriate updates from our PROCESS sponsors.

Aveda hair color system full spectrum hair color chart ... - aveda color swatches

Aveda hair color system full spectrum hair color chart … – aveda color swatches | aveda color swatches

THANK YOU PROCESS PROGRAM SPONSORS: Aloxxi, Aveda, Blush Wow, Farouk, GKhair,  Goldwell, Joico, Kenra, Keratin Complex, Keune, Malibu C, Matrix, Olaplex, Redken, Rusk, Schwarzkopf, SureTint, TIGI and Wella

Understanding The Background Of Aveda Color Swatches | aveda color swatches – aveda color swatches
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Review & Swatches: Aveda Culture Clash SS14 Limited ... - aveda color swatches

Review & Swatches: Aveda Culture Clash SS14 Limited … – aveda color swatches | aveda color swatches

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